Who is jane aldridge dating

It is hard to believe that Jane Aldridge is only 21-years-old—for seven years, the Sea of Shoes blogger (with the help of her mother, Judy) has been dazzling the Internet with her impeccable style and covetable shoe collection.

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Jane asked me a few months ago, as she grabbed a glass of champagne off a passing tray at a boutique party we both attended. Specifically regarding her disinterest in college, as well as the $70,000 worth of expenses that are incurred for Sea of Shoes, Miss Aldridge wrote on her blog: 'I cannot believe the figures they threw out.

"I’m already doing what I want."'He continued: 'She nicked the shirt from her sister's closet; Carol, who is seventeen, is in her first year of boarding school in Wales. Not one of them is even a little bit close to true.' 'Both the writer and the fact-checker contacted Jane multiple times throughout the editing process to clarify details, and Judy Aldridge, as Jane’s spokesperson, confirmed figures, quotes, and biographical details with our fact-checker through several phone calls.

I think as I've matured into an adult, I work toward creating the life I want for myself—my style is so much more laid back and no-frills.

Were you ever reluctant about documenting your style at such an early age?

Name a designer/brand you would like to collaborate with: Well, I have done a small project with Zac Posen but I would love to work with him again! That kind of notion sometimes breeds some larger-than-life personalities.

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