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It has become a fad for Dieudonne supporters to post pictures of themselves on the Internet doing the 'quenelle,' sometimes in front of Holocaust memorials or Jewish schools.French Jews find it unsettling, apparently with good reason.

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A survey published in November of Jews in eight EU countries by the European Agency of Fundamental Rights showed that 70 percent of French Jews worried about insults or harassment and 60 percent about physical aggression due to being Jewish.

The European averages were 46 and 33 percent respectively.

'Difficult to be a Jew' Salome Roussel cites a recent incident on the Paris metro as being illustrative of the pressures Jews face in France.

A man sitting in front of her on the train smiled at her and caught sight of the Star of David she wears on a pendant around her neck.

More French Jews immigrated to Israel last year than US Jews, and Israel expects ever more of the French to make the move in coming years.

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