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Anyone hoping for another Truly Madly Deeply or Ghost is likely to be bitterly disappointed. Because, shortly after M identified him in the hospital morgue and went home, C rose from the trolley, still covered in a sheet, and followed.

Instead, they will find Rooney Mara playing a grieving young widow and Casey Affleck playing a bloke with a sheet over his head. And then he just stands and watches her, for hour after hour, day after day, month after month, as she eats an entire chocolate pie at one sitting (if they ever award Oscars for best pie-eating, Mara is a cert), takes the odd shower and eventually contemplates life with someone new.

It’s more the ultra-familiar story (Bridge Of Spies is one of several spy thrillers that come to mind) and the overriding sense that none of this is real or really matters.

Lesians sex chats in hiroshima-61

Lesians sex chats in hiroshima

Something nasty is about to happen to the modestly happy couple known only as ‘M’ (Rooney Mara) and ‘C’ (Casey Affleck).

Sure enough, we eventually cut to an unlikely-looking car crash outside their home. A Ghost Story turns out to be too arty for its own commercial good.

Sit on my lap and talk about the first thing that pops up?

Rating: As Lorraine Broughton, aka the Atomic Blonde, rushes around Berlin bashing the bad guys – flashing smouldering looks and generally being a super-cool, super-hot MI6 agent – older readers may be surprised that she doesn’t bump into Modesty Blaise, who was doing this sort of sexy, kick-ass female thing as long ago as the Sixties.

Then something very nasty indeed happens to the doll-maker’s daughter and we know a whole lot more nastiness lies ahead. Most of us last saw Godzilla in the 2014 remake but the story’s origins lie in the post-Hiroshima Japan of the mid-Fifties, as a new, Japanese-made retelling of the story, Shin Godzilla, reminds us.

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